… It’s been a while

I haven’t posted in what feels like forever because I simply didn’t know what to post about. I felt like the things I could have posted wouldn’t have been interesting enough so I didn’t bother getting them up.

Then I found something that interested me enough to post about!

I’ve never been too interested in computers and such, I mean I enjoy using them, just never interested on what was inside them until I was off work sick. 

I had two dead laptops and an old, slow PC at home and I was going insane watching daytime television so I decided to watch some YouTube videos and see what I could salvage. I managed to get all of the data off of the hard drives and spent ages looking through pictures of when our daughter was still tiny and pictures of our late grandparents.

Intentionally I wanted to turn the old PC into a gaming PC (I’ve recently been watching the Steam games on YouTube and wanted to join the PC master race!). It’s a Dell optiplex 745 with 1gb ram and 40gb storage. A hamster running in a wheel could produce more power than the PC. 

Upgrading a PC is a ridiculously expensive hobby.

So far I haven’t spent on it. Saving that for payday. I did, however get the RAM from the dead laptops into our working ones so at least that’s a bit better.

What would you recommend for a beginner building a PC? What should I be looking out for? What’s a decent build for a reasonable price? 

All the best



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