First “Gaming” PC

I’ve always found myself to be a console gamer and I have had probably all of the big name consoles as and when they’ve came out. (who can forget the Dreamcast eh?) I’ve always found that consoles were the cheaper option when it came to video games and “gaming”. Recently though I’ve become really interested in PC gaming. I was building my own PC from an old one that I had laying around and was trying to upgrade it but the PC was so old and dated that I found myself running into problems constantly.


I was shopping around online and found out that wanted to be a PC gamer is an expensive thing! I checked all of the well known articles and magazines online that were recommending PC’s starting at £600! That for a start was way out of my budget. I came across a company called Fierce PC who built PC’s and were UK based so that made it even better for me. After browsing their stock online I instantly noticed that the PC’s on here were a fraction of the price of some of the other sites that I had seen. What sold it for me on these PC’s was that they were fully customisable after purchase as well. With technology evolving quicker and quicker and games requiring more and more specifications to be able to run, this interested me as you can always put in a different graphics card or add RAM.



When I received my PC from FiercePC I couldn’t believe how light it was. I had been working with an old Dell Optiplex PC and just lifting it was a workout in itself! Once everything was plugged in and ready to go I installed the free Bullguard Internet security that was included in the box and got on my way to PC gaming. With Steam installed and a few games to go with (Football Manager, Ark: Survival Evolved) to say I was excited was an understatement. I was like a kid at Christmas. I had never been able to play games on a PC … and I mean proper game, not like minesweeper or solitaire. I have to say I’ve missed out.


I think having the feeling of putting together and using a PC gives a certain personal feel to what you are creating, unlike just unboxing a console and FiercePC gives a huge amount of choices for your PC to make it personal to you. From the graphics cards, to the LED lights and choices of cooling systems. They really make PC gaming a enjoyable, affordable and durable experience and I will definitely be using them again when I’m ready to upgrade.

How do you feel about PC gaming?

What would you recommend to make an ultimate gaming machine on a budget?

All the best



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