I’ve always been active. Football was my main sport and I’d play it every day because I had the facilities near me and the family near me to be able to have a kick about every day and from that I always felt physically fit. I’ve always been larger than all of my friends but I still felt fit from it. I don’t have abs and muscles bulging everywhere, but everyone’s loving the “dad bod” now anyways so I’ve got that going for me.

Recently though I’ve felt like I have to get myself back into the shape I was because of my daughter. I don’t want to be too tired to play with her or unable to run and chase her in the park.


My diet is reasonably healthy, salt intake is maybe too high. I learned about the drastic affects of diet during my time in college and how long certain foods can “sit” for. I’ve always been interested in these “bespoke diet boxes” you can buy online but wondered how much they actually work … surely it’d be the same as just portioning your own meals but they seem to be doing wonders for others.

What blogs or websites do you follow that help with achieving your desired weight goals? What foods do you find helpful to give you energy throughout the day?

All the best



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