Okay well that’s been a long time from posting… didn’t realise how long it had been! I’ve been really busy and, to be honest haven’t found the time or energy to post something. With the kids summer holidays, work has been ridiculously busy so when I get home I do the daily chores that need doing then slump away until bed time. Not an ideal life for someone in their 20’s and reasonably fit. I even made lists upon lists of things I could hopefully blog about and just write about in general. This post is about …. IKEA!


So, bit boring and unrelated to be a returning post but I never actually realised how much I love IKEA. I’ve always though that, as a man IKEA would be a nightmare shop because, instead of just getting in and get out with the specific item of stock you need. You have to walk around the whole shop and see everything. And there’s a lot to see.

The visual merchandisers in IKEA are geniuses, each mock up room looks incredible and makes you think you can attempt it in your own home. Of course IKEA is famous for its meatballs and lingonberry jam (yum) and we always end up buying a jar of jam when we leave but it never gets used!


Just going through my list of things to write about. I really need to find a theme of this blog. So yeah. IKEA… reading this back it’s so random but I haven’t posted in forever so there we go.

All the best



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